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Getting the Fast Lane

You are looking for this brand-new app that your company definitely needs. Your competitor is ahead of you and you want to innovate.

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Accelerating Startups

You got this great idea and want to be on line as soon as possible. But where to start?

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Modernizing your legacy

You are using your IT-system for many years. It has done a great job, but you get this feeling it is getting rusty.

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Sky-rocket your business

Don't be "that guy" and wait for months to get your business solution up and running.

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What do our clients say about us?


With the help of Intonovi we achieved the power we needed. We are now much more agile and can respond much faster to the wishes of our customers.


Intonovi really helped us to get live with our e-business apps very fast. Keep up the good work!