Are you looking for this brand-new app that your company definitely needs? Do you have this great idea for an application and want to be online as soon as possible or do you want to modernize your current IT-system? Don’t look any further. With one of the services below we would be happy to help you get back on track! 

When you have an in-house development team, but are currently understaffed, we can be of your service rather quickly.

If you want to accelerate your digital ambitions, the deployment of a Mendix Intonovi team may be the solution.

We have a lot of experience regarding the development of additional Mendix modules and widgets.

We’ll modernize your outdated business application and bring it up to the Mendix cloud.

We challenge you and think along with you (whether you want to or not). We are not an IT company, but innovation accelerators.

Why you should choose Intonovi

We believe it to be our main mission to offer you powerful smart applications tailor-made to fit your needs and overcome the challenges you face as an organization. Besides the speed of delivery and creating an application much faster, we also provide competitive rates. This makes your investment worthwhile.

This in combination with our extensive experience in software development, business analysis and management, coupled with our passion for technology makes us the perfect partner for your endeavour. Not only do we guarantee quality of the work we deliver, via the means of certifications, but customer-oriented service is of paramount importance to us. You won’t be treated as a number when working with us.


“With the help of Intonovi we achieved the power we needed. We are now much more agile and can respond much faster to the wishes of our customers.”

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