Accelerating Startups

You got this great idea and want to be online as soon as possible. But where to start? You have a limited budget. You don’t have your own IT department and time to market is essential. You are realizing more and more that you are running out of time.

We know where you stand right know. We have been there. Intonovi is founded by entrepreneurs who are very experienced and helped different companies in starting up their digital innovations. So, we are excited to help you. Are you ready to take the next step with Intonovi?

How does it work? We start by signing a non-disclosure agreement because we respect your idea. If you like you can talk with entrepreneurs from Intonovi to help you update your ideas. One of the first steps will be to develop a prototype as soon as possible. In our experience that delivers the best result. Among other things during our quest, we also will have discussions about maintenance, deployment and security. The result will be an outstanding solution for an exceptional idea.

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