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Are you looking for this brand-new app that your company definitely needs? Do you have this great idea for an application and want to be online as soon as possible or do you want to modernize your current IT-system? Don’t look any further. With one of the services below we would be happy to help you get back on track!


When you have an in-house development team, but are currently understaffed, we can be of your service rather quickly. In order to overcome this, we will fulfil the need you have by deploying one or more business engineers who fit your organization well. On top of this service we provide, you’ll also be positively surprised by our hourly rate.


If you want to accelerate your digital ambitions, but the available development capacity simply falls short, then the deployment of a Mendix Intonovi team may perhaps be the solution. Together with you, we’ll determine the ideal composition of your personal Mendix team.



Do you need a module or widget, which is currently lacking in the Mendix App Store / Marketplace? There’s no need to worry! We have a lot of experience regarding the development of additional modules and widgets. On top of that, we have JAVA and JavaScript expertise in order to make changes under the hood.


We are a stubborn team in the best way possible. We don’t just do what you ask, we go further than that. We will keep on asking you again and again the question: Why? We challenge you and think along with you (whether you want to or not). We are not an IT company, but innovation accelerators.


Do you recognize yourself in the following? Your business is hindered by outdated applications and your digital ambitions are disrupted time and again. Intonovi is happy to shake things up within your company. We’ll modernize your outdated business application and bring it up to the Mendix cloud. Via this way processes are accelerated and your organization becomes a leader within its market again.

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We pride ourselves on our speed of delivery. The technology we use allows us to turn ideas into fully functional applications several times faster than standard IT companies. If you would like to discover more about all of this, feel free to get in touch!

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