Modernizing your legacy

You are using your IT-system for many years. It has done a great job, but you get this feeling it is getting rusty. You requested for changes, but you wonder whether they will ever implement them. You also know that the annual costs for your system are above average. And when you ask for changes the offer they make is always higher than should be expected. You got the feeling you are walking in a dead-end street.

Quite familiar, isn’t it? You probably want to modernize.

How does it work?
Our engineers will interview people from the business and make a quick scan. The result is that you get a good understanding of how we can achieve a modern solution for you. When the picture is clear we set up your team and we will rebuild your system. Not in one big leap, but in iterations for let’s say 3 weeks. Every sprint (that’s how we call them) we deliver working functionality. You are in the driver seat and always have the possibility to change directions during our journey.

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